Welcome to my page! I am a conservation ecologist pursuing a PhD in Environmental Science and Policy at George Mason University. I am also a member of the Center for Biodiversity and Sustainability and collaborate with the Moore Center for Science at Conservation International.

My research focuses on the effectiveness of area-based conservation interventions, especially protected areas. Currently, I am documenting legal changes that weaken, shrink, or eliminate protected areas (protected area downgrading, downsizing, and degazettement [PADDD]) in Peru and Ecuador and evaluating the impacts of these changes for forests, biodiversity, and management effectiveness. For my master’s work, I built a database of PADDD in the United States and analyzed the impacts of reductions in size of Yosemite National Park for habitat fragmentation. My other interests include communicating conservation science, building the evidence base for conservation, mainstreaming impact evaluation in conservation science, and pondering environmental ethics.

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